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Victorian Landcare Plan

Landcare Victoria is committed to developing a plan for Victorian community landcare that will establish directions for our movement over the next decade and beyond.  This is the first time a movement–wide strategic plan has been attempted using a community–driven consultative approach. 

Due for completion in June 2023, the plan will be developed in two broad phases – an initial consultation phase (complete) and the plan development phase over the next six months (to mid 2023).

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities - March 2023

Building on our engagement with the landcare community and partners in 2022, further engagement opportunities are being held in March, based on the release of the Strategic Priority Statement.

Using this statement as a conversation piece, we want to continue listening to the Victorian landcare community, to ensure that the Plan truly reflects their needs and aspirations. Feedback received on this paper will be considered while developing the draft Landcare Plan for Victoria.

How can you provide feedback?

Attend one of our online workshops:

Landcare Members Workshop - Tuesday, 7 March (5.00pm to 7.00pm)
Landcare Facilitator, Coordinator and Project Staff Workshop - Tuesday, 7 March (10.00am to 12.00pm)
Landcare Partner Workshop - Wednesday, 8 March (1.00pm to 3.00pm)
Emerging Landcare Leaders Workshop (under 40s) - Thursday, 9 March (5.00pm to 7.00pm)

To register for one of the workshops, please visit our events page.  

Complete our online survey:

Review the Strategic Priority Statement and then complete the survey here.  

Consultation on the Strategic Priority Statement, including the survey, will close on Sunday, 19 March.

Further engagement opportunities will include:

April 2023: Draft strategy released for comment, online survey, and feedback workshops

Release of Engagement Findings Report - June 2022

Conducted between February and May 2022 – via workshops, interviews and an online survey – a number of important themes and recommendations emerged from the consultation phase:

Raise the profile of landcare 
Improve advocacy for landcare 
Increase and improve funding for landcare 
Build the capacity of landcare 
Build Traditional Owner Partnerships

This phase was supported by the Victorian Government and involved a wide cross section of the Landcare movement and partners and is intended to help frame the plan development phase

The landcare movement clearly wants to see a more equal and honest relationship between government and the community around addressing the various crises we face (such as adapting to climate change, addressing biodiversity decline and sustainable farming), and greater support for community landcare to help lead our more effective collective response.

Engagement to gather input into potential solutions and ways forward for the challenges and opportunities identified in the 2022 Landcare Plan Engagement Findings Report was held via a series of online workshops in December 2022.

How you can get involved

  • Read and reflect on the Strategic Priority Statement.

  • Participate in the upcoming workshops or complete the survey

  • Watch for invitations to upcoming workshops

  • Contact Landcare Victoria staff and your regional board representative to participate in the dialogue about our future

Further information

Contact Landcare Victoria Inc.

 03 9034 1940 | [email protected]

Strategic Priority Statement

The Strategic Priority Statement is part of the engagement to inform the development of a Landcare Plan for Victoria.

This paper aims to test the outcomes and priority actions identified for the Plan. It is based on the opportunities, challenges and aspirations identified by the landcare community during the engagement process in 2022.

To read the Statement, download it here, or below.

Landcare Plan Literature Review

The Landcare Plan literature review further explores the top three issues identified in the engagement for the development of the Landcare Plan for Victoria. It aims to consider past investigations, studies, and wisdom documented about landcare to draw on these learnings when planning. The issues explored are:

  • Brand recognition and purpose
  • Funding and resources
  • Community engagement and membership

Download the Literature Review here, or click on the image below. 

About the Victorian Landcare Plan

The Victorian Landcare Plan will provide a united voice and future vision for the landcare community in Victoria.

To read more about the Plan, including how it is being developed and how it will be used, please click here to download the Victorian Landcare Plan information sheet.

Engagement Findings Report

To read the consultation report in full, please click here to download it in PDF format. 


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