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Capacity-building for landcare

This project includes the Advancing Landcare Pilot - strengthening landcare groups by tailoring training to their needs and delivering a range of activities based on the priorities identified through consultation with member groups, and the Knowledge & Skills Framework - establishing the foundation for the development and maintenance of the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in professional landcare roles.

Advancing Landcare Pilot Project

Investment from successive governments in a Victorian Landcare Program has resourced many landcare networks with part-time staff, and landcare groups with project funding via competitive grant processes. However, investment in group capacity and capability to access, administer and manage funding, staff and projects remains a need of the sector.

By strengthening organisational and governance capacities of groups, they will be able to effectively deliver strong biodiversity outcomes into the future and improve retention and recruitment of volunteers.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen Landcare groups by tailoring training to their needs in a useful, dynamic, meaningful, and diverse structure utilising existing and new resources.

The project will deliver a range of activities, based on the professional development needs and priorities identified through consultation with member groups, landcare professionals, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (formerly DELWP), and other environmental volunteer stakeholders.

The activities will be delivered across 2022/23 in the format of four workshops, eight webinars, and a series of written materials and will be based on existing data from various sources as well as targeted surveys and consultation with key groups.


Advancing Landcare Project Outcomes

Project outcomes will include:

  • An increased understanding of the training and development needs of professional landcarers, their employers and Landcare organisations
  • A better understanding about how and what communication and delivery methods work better
  • A wide range of activities delivered to Landcare groups and their volunteers and professionals addressing their training needs
  • Knowledge around how to access a wide range of activities and relevant information
  • Stronger and more capable Landcare Groups
  • An increased understanding by key stakeholders of what is currently available as training and development in Victoria
  • An increased capacity to collaborate on coordinated delivery of professional landcarer and community training and development programs, now and in the future
  • More connected landcare groups
  • Peer-to-peer learning through workshops and webinars
  • Strengthened communication and partnerships

About the Knowledge & Skills Framework

Developed in consultation with landcare professionals and their employers, this knowledge and skills framework establishes the foundation for the development and maintenance of the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in these critical roles.

Each landcare role and region has its own unique set of circumstances and challenges. Landcare professional will have their own unique combination of skills and knowledge needs and that this framework will provide the foundation for paving those individual priorities.

Download the framework here.

This self-assessment tool is for landcare professionals to assess their skill levels in line with the Landcare Professionals Knowledge and Skills Framework.

Upcoming activities

Please visit the Events page for upcoming webinars and workshops, plus links to watch our recorded webinar sessions on fundraising for landcare groups and recruiting new volunteers.
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