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Fundraising facility for Landcare Victoria Member Groups

Landcare Victoria has established a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund called the Landcare Victoria Fund that allows for tax-deductible donations in support of landcare.

Financial Landcare Victoria Member Groups may utilise the fund in support of their own fundraising activities, subject to the procedures and conditions outlined on the DGR Fund Registration Form.

How it works

Member Groups may utilise the Landcare Victoria Fund to raise funds for their group, provided the funds will be used to support the purposes of the Association (see Rules).

Member Groups wishing to use the DGR Fund must register with Landcare Victoria prior to their first use of the fund by submitting the DGR Fund Registration Form. Once registered, Member Groups may then advise donors that they may make online donations to the DGR fund via the Landcare Victoria fundraising page. At the time of donating, the donor may express a preference that the funds be used to support your group.

Upon donating, the donor will be issued an automated receipt providing the information needed to claim a tax deduction for the donation (all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible).

Donations made in favour of your Member Group will then be disbursed to the group's nominated account in accordance with the DGR Fund procedures.

How to register

Please download the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund information sheet and registration form.

Read through the information carefully to ensure your group is eligible to use this fundraising facility and agrees to the procedures and conditions outlined within. Complete the form and ensure it is signed by two committee members from your group OR signed by one committee member and accompanied by supporting evidence to confirm the nominated bank account belongs to the Member Group (or its auspicing organisation).

Return the completed form and any supporting evidence to Landcare Victoria via email ([email protected]) or post (PO Box 509, FLINDERS LANE VIC 8009). We'll be in touch once your application has been processed.

Not a Landcare Victoria Inc Member Group?

If your group is not a current member of Landcare Victoria, learn how to apply for membership or contact us for more information.

Need help fundraising online?

We’ve made a few social media tiles (images) that your group may use to promote your fundraising efforts. If you’d like to use any of these images, just left-click each thumbnail image below to automatically download the full-size image to your computer. You can then post them to your group’s Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages with a link to the donation page.

If your group prefers to create your own images for your fundraising campaigns, that’s fine too!


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