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Landcare Victoria Inc. is governed by a volunteer Committee of Management (also known as the Board) which oversees and steers the organisation by setting strategic direction and providing governance. The Board is supported by the Members Council, which represents community landcare in Victoria, advises on policy and landcare issues and assists in two-way communication between Landcare Victoria Inc. and community landcare.

Role of the Board

The Landcare Victoria Inc. Committee of Management (referred to as the Board to recognise its strategic, rather than operational role) consists of 10 members representing each of Victoria’s catchment regions and two Professional Landcarers, elected at large. The Board is responsible for the control and management of the business and affairs of Landcare Victoria, including setting the strategic direction, management of staff and the establishment of sub-committees.

Board members are expected to attend all Board meetings which are held approximately every quarter, usually lasting at least half a day. Some of these may be held online. In addition, Board members are expected to participate in on one or more sub-committees and attend Landcare Victoria Inc. events.

The Committee consists of up to 12 people, 10 of whom are regional representatives elected directly by the Member Groups allocated to their respective CMA region, and two who are professional landcarers and are elected at large by those registered as professional Landcarers.

Read more in the Board Role Description

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Landcare Victoria Inc Rules of Association

Download the Landcare Victoria Rules of Association here.

Landcare Victoria Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports can be downloaded from our Annual Reports page.

Role of the Members Council

The Council brings together a group of landcarers who are diverse in the roles they fulfil, the issues they deal with and the personal skills they have. Members Councillors have the capacity to reach deeply into the broader landcare membership as required when specific skills or experience is needed on matters of policy.

The Members Council consists of up to 50 people – four community volunteers and one professional landcarer from each of the 10 catchment regions across the state. Members Councillors are appointed by the Board.

Broadly, a Members Councillor’s role is to:

  • Be a part of Landcare Victoria Inc’s policy response/policy development work, either directly or by linking in other appropriately skilled people
  • Be a conduit for ideas and issues that directly relate to the effectiveness of Landcare in Victoria, particularly as they affect multiple groups
  • Understand the work and activities of Landcare Victoria Inc. so that they can communicate with members more effectively

Read more in the Members Council Charter

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Annual General Meeting 

Landcare Victoria Inc. held its AGM online, on Friday, 19 May 2023. 

Jane Carney was reelected to the Board for the North East Region and Ric Oldham was reelected to the Board in the West Gippsland Region. Vacancies remain in the Glenelg Hopkins and Mallee Regions.

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